The Strength Project: Clinic Gym

The Strength Project: Clinic Gym

The Strength Project: Clinic Gym

A gym inside a chiropractic clinic – a bit of a different concept? Having our gym, The Strength Project, housed within the office, allows us to provide our patients with chiropractic care AND restorative movement in one location. Here are some of the perks:

-We are better able to meet a variety of needs, helping patients focused anywhere from getting better at activities of daily living (ie, getting up from the floor) to chasing new records in the gym or competition.

-Often, part of care in our office includes using load (weights) to challenge the movement patterns that may have needed strengthening or correcting. Having gym equipment in the next room makes this very easy to do. This also allows us to assess the sustainability of our current results. For example, if a patient had low back pain while walking, gets out of pain after a period of care, does the pain return if weight is added (think carrying groceries)? This is valuable information that provides insight into our timeline of care.

-Exercise helps to reduce pain, specifically people suffering from low back pain.  The Strength Project gives us the space to show you your at home exercises and therapeutic movements.  

-Patients are encouraged to and often transition into Function in Motion (FiM), our small group training class that focuses on improving technique in everyday movement and strengthening the core. The selection of exercises in FiM is co-managed by Dr. Lucas and our movement specialist Elizabeth, which helps to bridge the gap between pain relief and returning to normal movement.

-*Bonus*- anyone who transitions into The Strength Project, either for FiM or private training, gains access to our Recovery Room, no appointment ever needed!

What questions do you have regarding a gym inside the clinic? If you have used this space, what has your experience been?

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