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Your Goals Are Our Goals

Every Person has a unique life with a unique set of health goals. We take the time to learn where you are now and where you want to be when care is complete.

Evidence Based Technique

Our treatments and care recommendations are based on research and experience to give you the best plan of care possible.

Personalized Treatment

We want you to feel better and function better. We will provide you with the tools to accomplish this both in office and at home.

Ways We Help

opens in a new windowPain Relief

We offer safe and effective tools to accurately asses and address your complaints. From our diagnostic approach to our treatment methods, we will be sure to find the way to best help you get back to living the life you want to live.

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Strength Training

The Strength Project is our in clinic gym. We use this space throughout our patients treatment plans to help build resilience in the body through strength training and improving mobility and stability deficits. This gym space allows us to perform therapeutic exercises with patients, asses form on lifts, conduct small group fitness training and one on one personal training.

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opens in a new windowMuscle Recovery

Movement - or muscle activation - is the natural facilitator for all stages of the recovery process. Normal amounts of movement will result in a normal rate of recovery. But if your training, lifestyle, or age requires you to recover more quickly, you'll want to speed up the process. This is where the Wellness Solutions Recovery Room helps!

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we are Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions Chiropractic Center is a chiropractic clinic that was founded with one goal: help people live the lives they deserve.

Our method has been tested

"Hands down the best chiropractor you will find! I love the staff and they have great hours for people who work! I highly reccomned this office!"
Korey Torres
"As someone who is already skeptical of chiropractic medicine, I have to say I was very impressed with this place. Dr. Perlik is very professional and practical. He takes an evidence based approach to treatment and is passionate about his work."
Terry Dennis
"Great gym with awesome chiropractic care!”
Katy Gilmore

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