The Strength Project

How would you feel if you could find an exercise class that could help you not only improve your fitness level but help you improve how your body moves as well? Imagine going into a workout knowing that you were going to come out a healthier, more capable, stronger person.  The good news is, you can do just that in The Strength Project.

We offer a variety of programs that are effective, safe and will help you reach your goals.  Most people don’t want to feel like a number while trying to reach their fitness goals.  Don’t worry, at The Strength Project, your individual needs and goals will be the primary focus. 

Whether you are looking to play longer with your grandchildren or hit a personal best at your next competition, The Strength Project will help you reach your potential!

The Benefits of Stength Training

Stimulate muscle growth

Build bone density

Boost energy levels

Improve how you move

Reduce the risk of chronic disease

Our Programs

In Person Training

Performance Assessment


girl overhead squatting with heels elevated

The functional movement screen is comprehensive movement screen that identifies strengths and weaknesses in mobility and stability of the body. Our coaches will assess the movements that are essential to everyday life and create a plan to best suit your needs. 

Function in Motion

Small Group Training

three women at a powerlifting meet

This is designed for someone who wants to become more active and build a foundation of physical strength and endurance while enhancing movement.  This class is designed to help improve mobility and strength issues to help create a life of activity and healthy movement. Weekly / BiWeekly / Unlimited

Personal Training

Individualized Programming and Training

Our Movement Specialist will learn about you and your goals and design an entirely individualized exercise routine.  You’ll learn proper lifting techniques, which exercises are appropriate and specific to your goals, and be motivated to your full potential.  We have a variety of packages to help best suit your needs.  

Remote Services

Performance Consultation

Where to Start

Consultations can be arranged by phone or video chat to provide individualized assessment and guidance for optimizing your goal setting, programming, and competition performance.

Online Programming

6 Week Programming 

A fully customized program, designed from the ground up to specifically address your personal goals, needs, equipment, and schedule.  Includes monthly check-ins and program adjustments.

Remote Coaching

Fully Customized 

A fully customized program, designed from the ground up to specifically address your personal goals, needs, equipment, and schedule. Includes ongoing support via weekly check-ins, technique coaching via video, and program adjustments done as often as needed.


Congratulations on wanting to take  your first step to better movement!  We start all of our new clients with our Performance Assessment.  This is where we find out more about you and your goals, analyze your movement with our Functional Movement Screen and put it all together to create a plan that best suits you!   To schedule your assessment give our office a call at 314-892-8009 or opens in a new windowclick here to contact our Movement Specialist to schedule.

Nope!  To join The Strength Project you do not need to be a chiropractic patient (but if you are having pain we would be happy to help!).

We have a variety of programs to help best suit your needs and pricing varies between the different programs.  To get started we offer a Performance Assessment for $25.00, where we learn more about your goals and movement patterns to help find the program that would be best for you.

ALOT!  Our class size is limited 1-3 individuals so that even in your group experience at The Strength Project you get more personalized attention.  With smaller class sizes our Movement Specialist can get to know you, support you and guide you.  In smaller classes, form can be refined, modifications can be given and you can be guided to your full potential.   

We sure do!  If you have a dream of competing in Powerlifting, Strongman, etc. we got your back!  Our staff has experience programming for strength sports and collectively have competed in many Powerlifting meets and Strongman competitions.