More Than Words

More Than Words

More Than Words

Decorating a chiropractic clinic seems like an easy task.  Throw a medical poster on this wall, a skeleton on this one, and maybe a diploma here and there right?  WRONG.  We wanted to develop an atmosphere in our clinic that is optimistic, hopeful, encouraging, welcoming, and clearly states our message. And let me tell you, medical posters do not cultivate that atmosphere!

We chose to decorate our treatment room with a set of six words.  Six words that help explain how we see care.  Six words that inspire practice members to pursue their health care goals.  Six words that are very simple yet very empowering.  Let’s start with Failure (real optimistic, right?  But, you will see).

Failure - A temporary state where the most valuable lessons are learned.

Failure may seem like a negative term but if we never fail how will we succeed? I like to look at failure as the moment right before the start of change.  Sure it sucks being in pain and feeling like your body has failed you but this is our time to learn!  Learn why it’s failing! And more importantly LEARN how to execute a plan of success so that IT WILL NOT FAIL AGAIN.  That brings us to the next word: EXECUTE

Execute - Put in the work and let your results do the talking.

Okay so we know something has failed for whatever reason and we are ready to pick ourselves up and make the needed changes.  Dr. Lucas helps with this part, think of him as a guide to helping you feel better.  After we are able to pinpoint how we can help, Dr. Lucas lays out a plan of treatment in office and gives you movements to work on at home.  It is your job to execute and follow the plan!

Determination - Unshakeable focus, drive and resilience in the face of adversity.

This probably goes without saying, but it takes a lot of determination to push through an injury. You have to be determined to feel better and EXECUTE the plan.  Injury can also be mentally deflating.  Being determined to follow a plan to success will likely help get you there!

Persistence - Pursuing your goal with committed focus despite difficulty or delay.

Healing an injury is not easy and may have you questioning if it’s worth it (Pssst….it’s definitely worth it!).  You have to be persistent!  Keep pushing forward.  Healing is not always linear, and we must acknowledge that.  Being persistent and sticking with your original plan will help get us to our goal of success. (KEEP DOING YOUR EXERCISES AT HOME)

Perseverance - Rising from failures, overcoming adversity and never giving up.

Good, you are out of pain and it is now a distant memory.  When you think back to your original injury it seems like a distant dream and you think “was I really in that much pain?”  (Yes you were…unfortunately).  But the good thing is you have persevered.  You learned why there was failure, you were determined to execute a plan of correction, and you were successful because you were persistent with your care.

Success - The predictable result of hard work, patience, sacrifice, and learning put into practice every day.


Do I really need to explain this one 😊 You met your goals! Yay!  This was the end goal all along.

There you have it, our six words that help us encourage, welcome, and support our patients throgh care:  Failure, Execute, Determination, Persistence, Perseverance, and Success.  

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