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Take a Step Towards Better Health

Move It 2019 Challenge

Keep your body moving & Functioning at its Best

Join us in making healthier choices

Temperatures are cooling down, leaves are changing colors, why not take this time to challenge yourself to become a healthier you!  Join Wellness Solutions Chiropractic Center for the Fall 2019 Move It Challenge.

We want you to join us in making it a goal to move more often and make healthier choices to keep your body feeling and functioning at its best!

Accountability Partners

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to mean a restrictive diet, cardio for hours everyday, boring meals, or stuffy gyms.  It is a LIFESTYLE! You have to live it and LOVE it!

Our goal is for you to find an exercise regimen that fits YOUR lifestyle, practice mobility and stability to keep your body functioning at its best and encourage a healthy intake of nutrients!

We will provide a community to help encourage you to push towards your goals and keep you accountable!

Try a new workout

Wellness Solutions, along with a few of the sponsors, will be hosting out of the box workouts/events every Saturday throughout the contest.  This is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  You never know, you may find your next passion! (Day and times tbd)

  • Sept 21 - HIIT at the Park @ Jefferson Barracks Park
  • Sept 28 - Function in Motion with the Chiro @ Wellness Solutions
  • Oct 5 - Nature Trail Adventure @ Cliff Cave Park
  • Oct 12 - Learn Strongman @ JDs Gym
  • Oct 19 - Smoothie Social @ 360 Nutrition
  • Oct 26 - Climb the Mounds @ Cahokia Mounds

Check out our Sponsors

JDs Gym – A fitness club founded by the three JD’s (James Dalton Jr., James Dalton III, and Jon Dalton).  They offer fitness classes, MMA training, powerlifting, strongman training, a full circuit of machines, cardio, and something for everyone of ALL fitness levels in a friendly, family like atmosphere.

Oakville Butcher Block – The Oakville Butcher Block Guarantee says that our meat will never contain any anabolic hormones or preservatives.  We only carry Choice and Prime cuts, not the select or standard cuts you will find at your local grocery store.  Our ground beef is ground fresh for you and never pre-processed, which most large commercial stores just cannot do.  Of course our butcher will custom cut and season any meat you need, and our meat is fresh never frozen.  Most importantly, being a local family owned business we give all of our customers the warm welcome and care they deserve.

360 Nutrition – We know life is busy!  That’s why we are here to help you grab a nutritional meal when you are on the run.  Meal replacement shakes, herbal teas, energy boosting teas, fat burners…we have what you need to fuel yourself for a busy day! Not to mention, a LOT of delicious flavors to choose from.  Stop in today and see us!

Competition Rules

· Only one workout can be steady state cardio (i.e. long distance running, elliptical work, non-intercal training, walking/speed walking

·Strength training, conditioning, and Function in Motion classes may count as a workout

· Attend the following events:

    • HIIT at the Park @ Jefferson Barracks Park
    • Function in Motion with the Chiro @ Wellness Solutions
    • Nature Trail Adventure @ Cliff Cave Park
    • Learn Strongman @ JDs Gym
    • Smoothie Social @360 Nutrition
    • Climb the Mounds @ Cahokia Mounds
  • Mobility includes stretching, foam rolling, flow yoga, functional rehab exercises
  • The WSCC Recovery Room counts as mobility
  • ***If you attend FiM, Mobility is included****

Water is KING!! It is time to drink up!

  • this is a Minimum, want a challenge? try drinking a whole gallon!
  • Make a workout video, take a before/after workout, snap a picture of a healthy meal, tell us about how you are feeling, this contest is about community and accountability! Let’s do this together!
  • tag @wellnesssolutionscc on Facebook and hashtag #WSCCSTL
  • make sure that your post is public so that we will be able to see it!
  • you can also use Instagram. Make sure to tag us @wschriopracticcenter and #wsccstl

need to know

  • Starts: September 15
  • Ends: October 26

Joining and participtating in the challenge qualifies you for awesome prizes

Take a Step towards better health

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