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"Dr Perlik is one of the best! He is not only a top notch physician, but treats you as family from the moment he greets you. I highly recommend and would not hesitate sending family or friends to him."

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"I went to Dr. Perlik for some back adjustments and during the preliminary examination I also mentioned that I was unable to raise my left arm over my head without assistance from my right arm due to a previous lifting injury which had been progressively deteriorating.

He diagnosed and treated not only my back but my shoulder and hips. He also gave me some shoulder therapy exercises to do daily which I did religiously, sometimes twice a day.

After 2-1/2 months, not only was I able to use my arm again but I was given the go ahead to start lifting. I competed in my first official strongman competition in the Masters Division 3 months later at the age of 61. It was my first chiropractic experience ever and I'm glad I took that chance."

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"Dr. Perlik is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate Doctor. He will get you working at 100% and keep you that way! I highly suggest you get assessed sooner rather than later."

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